Accountant Interview Questions

Accountant Interview Questions
1.What is good will ?
2.What is sensex ?
3.What is break even point ?
4.What is ratio analysis ?
5.What is book building ?
6.What is contingent liability ?
7.What is cash profit ?
8.How to Finalized Accounts ?
9.What is bills receviables ?
10.What is accounts ?
11.How to calculate basic in provident fund under salaries ?
12.What are the financial ratios that a manager see in accounting ?
13.Among financial and cost accounting,which is more important ? why ?
14.What is contingent liabilty, How it sHows in balance sheet ?
15.wat is auto accounting ?
16.What is a contra entry How it is passed in journal and cashbook ?
17.What is the meaning of bank reconcilation ?
18.What is the Difference between mutual fund and banks ?
19.What is monthly closings ?
20.What is accounting ?
21.What is a bad credit score ?
22.What does my credit score mean ?
23.Explain the Calculation of Sales Tax ?
24.Explain the Calculation of VAT ?
25.What is capital expenditure ?
26.What is revenue expenditure ?
27.What are tangible assets ?
28.What is meant by fixed deposit ?
29.What do you mean by Green-shoe option ?
30.What is Accumulated Depreciation ?

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