Biotech Biological interview Questions

Biotech Biological interview Questions
1.How do worms affect plant growth?
2.why do we sneeze? is there any relation between the 'random sneezing' and our brain? Does our brain control this involuntary action?
3.What does CH2O represent?
4.why bechlor in general biology? what are the subject materials? How did it help after u return? what do u do after finishing general biology?
5.what is hyperdynamic shock?? give some examples??
6.What is Plasmid gene mutation ?
7.what is artherosclerosis?
8.How to purify viruses?
9.Explain the as chromatography ?
10.How do environmental factors affect growth ?
11.Describe the PCR contamination i.e contamination with degenerate primers?
12.Explain the procedure for Rhamnolipid production test ?
13.Why the bubbles are seen in in LB plates?
14.How to use agar for antibiotic sensitivity testing ?
15.What is the importance of Chloramphenicol with Fungi ?
16.What is the function of RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance)?
17.Describe the E. coli culture contamination ?
18.How to Introduce bacteria onto growth medium ?
19.Explain the technique of Cellulase plate assay ?
20.How to make chemically competent BL21 pLysS cells ?
21.How 70% alcohol works as disinfectant?

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