Tax analyst Interview Questions Part 2

Tax analyst Interview Questions Part 2
59.What is the ESI ?
60.What is city commodity tax?
61.What is security transaction tax ?
62.What is the difference between Direct &indirect tax?
63.What is the SAT?
64.What are the criteria to avail lower deduction of TDS & why the lower TDS deduction certificate issued?
65.What is CAARO?
66.What is the rate of TCS tax?
67.What is the working capital ?
68.What is the time limit of tax credit in sales return condition ?
69.What is rate of vat on gold ? and What is the rate of tax applicalbe on sale of gold in case of interstate sale ?
70.Who is exempted from registration and payment of tax under AP VAT ACT
71.What is the due date for issue of TDS certificate under salaries and in What form ?
72.How much can I save U/S 80D to minimise my Tax Burden ?
73.What is WCT TDS? who is liable to deduct the WCT TDS?
74.What is service tax?
75.What is tds tax and What is vat use in tally ?
76.What is exice duty & What are the exicesable goods?
77.What is Tax Audit ?
78.What is difference between Contract and legel and legel and profession service?
79.What is differed tax liability/asset? How it is to be calculated?
80.What is Differed tax Liability?
81.What is mean by security transaction tax?
82.What is the difference between TDS and TCS?
83.How a dealer shall be registered under O.S.T. & C.S.T. Act?
84.How to get refund of Service Tax and it comes under which Department ?
85.What typae of accounts?
86.What is the meaning of tax collection at source?
87.Wat is HRA? How it caculated?
88.Wat is capital gains?
89.When will capital gain araises?
90.Wat are the heads in Taxation?
91.What is assessment year?
92.What is form 'H'? and why its used in Manufacturing Industry?
93.What is difference between PAN No and TAN No?
94.What is the difference between fund flow and cash flow for a company?
95.What is difference between Gross salay and CTC?
96.What is deffered tax?
97.What is tds and why its charged on pament or receipt ?
98.What is the difference between real expense and operating expense?
99.What is excise duty ?
100.What is the difference between Vat-100 and Vat-120 ?
101.What is TCS?
102.What is perquisite?
103.What is DATT? and How can assesse get Benefit and What is it section?
104.What is the date of payment of tds of last month (March)& date of filing of last qtr?
105.Which form we use for depositing TCS?
106.Which form we use for depositing VAT?
107.Which form we use for depositing FBT?
108.How you will verify a supplier's bill of payment?
109.What is a deffered-tax liability?
110.why direct tax as a career field? why u have chosen direct tax as a field?
111.What is the tax % of contractors?
112.What is the difference between Advance Tax and TDS?
113.What is mean by differed tax?
114.What is the diffrence between tds and vat?
115.What is Excise & Service Tax ? What's Diffarance Excise & Service Tax
116.What is the meaning of dealer?
117.What is the procedure of geting vat refund for construction division where output is nill?
118.What is the exact meaning of cst? What is its usage and What are the benefits of c form?
119.What is defered revenue tax ?
120.What is difference between an Insurance and a general Insurance?
121.What do you mean by an Inter-state Sale. How does it taken Place in a state?
122.What is Assesment Year?
124.What is the difference between profit and gain?

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