Group discussion Tips

Group discussion Tips
Group discussion is a process that is part of an interview set-up for applicants seeking jobs. Group discussions are either moderated or sometimes not. The advantage of a moderated group discussion is that the participants know what to say when as they get prompted by the moderator. Un-moderated group discussions pose some challenge in as much as apart from comprehensive subject knowledge responses need to be considered careful.
In any event here are simple guidelines that prove useful:
*Stay focused on the topic. Don’t stray from the subject matter and bring the discussion round on track if anybody deviates.
*Speak up if you have some relevant point to contribute. Avoid wasting time on irrelevant issues and see that your point of view augments the discussion.
*Listen carefully and recognize other people's contribution. Keep the thread of continuity and allow thought processes to progress by building on other people’s points of view.
*Do not talk when some one else is speaking and maintain polite discipline.
*Avoid side discussions and whispering. Reserve questions or a comment after a group participant has made his point.
*Be confident yet polite. Respect differing opinions and hear out people. Never directly oppose a person by smart comments. Rather present an alternative way of seeing things.
*Finally strive to become the group leader steadfastly and within reason. Aim at being looked upon as the natural leader by leadership qualities and creating consensus.

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