Tax analyst Interview Questions Part 1

Tax analyst Interview Questions
1.How To fill vat, Tds, Service tax Return Form?
2.How can calculate tds and vat and What is pay roll ?
3.What is FBT & where it is used?
4.What is GST and How it work ?
5.What is T-FV-1029 Invalid Challan Input file?
6.What is the Intrest Rate for CST Delay Payment?
7.What is TDS,rate od TDS and who is liable for TDS?
8.What is the rate of vat?
9.How many types of sale tax returns?
10.What is TDS rate of Salary head?
11.What is meaning of MAT?
12.What do you mean by cenvat? and in which is liable?
13.What doyou mean by assesment order? and for What purpose it will be passed?
14.What is GST? please guide us? What is the rate liable for GST? and when GST is applied?
15.What is the difference between vat scrutiny and vat assesement,What is required document for both?
16.How much in the inter state tax CST For the LPG Stove ?
17.when will submitt the c form and What is the percentage?and also hearing details?
18.How calculate Rent income exemptions from taxable income under income tax act.isnn't 30% of total income?
19.What is Sale tax Assessment? When it required ? What is the basic query's to do this?
20.What is tax asesssement?
21.What is the FORM F ? And when we are going to use it ?
23.What IS CST & What IT'S RATE ?
24.What is 'H' form & when it's issue?
25.What is cenvat credit?
26.What is input rebet on sale tax?
27.What is the Income tax updated slab?
28.What mean by tds on vat?
29.What is excise return form ?
30.How to reconcilation of modvat ?
31.How to calculate the interest on housing loan for an LET OUT PROPERTY?
32.What is Inter Company Reconciliation?
33.Is Accounts Payable and Vendor Payable are same ? If yes or no, why ?
34.What is Vendor Reconciliation and How is it done ?
35.Explain the Calculation of VAT ?
36.Explain the Calculation of Sales Tax?
37.What is the Difference between VAT and Sales Tax ?
38.What are the various forms used for Sales Tax?
39.What are the various forms used for VAT?
40.Rules for filling Income Tax return for an Individual ?
41.What is Tax Refunds ?
42.Why it's necessary for a company to file TDS Returns?
43.What is TDS and why we deduct it?
44.What is Advance Payment of Tax?
45.What Is The Chart Rate For Deduction Of TDS On Salary?
46.What is Mean By Defered Tax, How To Calculate?
47.What is Rate of Service tax and Entry of Service Tax?
48.What is cess?
49.Whether TDS is deductible after service tax addition or not?
50.Whether TDS to be deducted before service tax or not?
51.What is Sec 10A under Income Tax?
52.What is fringe benefit tax?
53.What is tax avoiding?
54.What IS CST ?
55.Define Amortization & Impairment?
56.How you calculate Personal tax, business tax, income tax, service tax?
57.What is the difference between CST, VAT, SALES TAX, EXCISE DUTY, CUSTOMS DUTY ?
58.What mean of withholdingtax ?

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