Visa Interview Questions,Tips

Visa Interview Questions,Tips
A visa interview is the process to determine if the applicant, who is a national of another country, is qualified to enter and travel to the country he is applying for. The United States and almost all other countries require foreign nationals intending to travel to their countries to secure a visa from a Consular Office nearest their residence. There is of course exception to these rules dependent on the laws of the specific country to which an applicant is intending to enter, or as provided in an international treaty or agreement.
Generally, there are two basic types of visas. These types are the non-immigrant visa and the immigrant visa. Depending on the country that is giving visas, there are different classes of visas.

The United States visa is the most popular travel document.Millions of foreign nationals and citizens yearly are applying and receiving these visas to enter and travel to the only superpower in the world.
Many applicants were refused visa in the United States even if they have all the documents and qualified in all the criteria. These applicants were refused visa because they were not successful in their interviews. Preparation is an essential factor in order to be successful in a visa interview. Anticipation of potential or possible visa interview questions is a very significant tool in succeeding a visa interview.

The consular officer generally asks for the reasons of traveling to the United States of America. The officer may also ask who the sponsors of the visa seeker are. Personal information might also be asked such as the kind of work the applicant have and the compensation thereof. Questions are asked on the financial status of the visa applicant, if the type of visa he is applying for example is business or pleasure.

The circumstances of the travel are a focus of the interview. Many questions may be asked regarding the duration of stay the applicant is intending to be in the United States. The assurance that the applicant will come back is another important question the consular officer wants to be answered. The officer is interested to know if the visa seeker has relatives in the United States and how long they have been living there. The kind of work is also inquired.

The visa interview questions in many countries are similar. The personal information of the applicant, his capacity to travel and his intention to come back to his country of origin is the scope of questions a consular officer will be asking.

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