System Support Programming Interview Questions

System Support Programming Interview Questions
1.What is the Difference between between win 2000 and win 2003 and win 2008 ?
2.What is cmrr ?
3.What is VMWare ? To get choose a career in VM Ware What is the path ? Any recommended institutions in Delhi ?
4.How many progamming languages are found ?
5.What is diffrent between ip4 and ip6 ?
6.What is definition of shadow copy ?
7.How to rename domain name in win 2003 server ?
8.Why application layer is given serial no 7 though it function starts from serial no 1 from ?
9.What is switch, frame, packets and bits plz give me detail idea about it and which layer it is used ?
10.What is dns server ?
11.What is dhcp server ?
12.which is the latest versions of bluetooth & WiFi ?
13.which is the latest version of dos ?
14.How do u share printer through FTP(fire transfer protocol) ?
15.How do u scan the client machine from server (AVG, McAfee & NAV) ?
16.How many layers are there in network & explain in simple of alll layers ?
17.How many types of backups are there & explain them in theory mode & practical mode ?
18.Which protocol is working behind DHCP server ? and What excatly DORA does ?
19.where DNS database stored ? What is the path ? reply me asap ?
20.What is the purpose of activ directory in windows2003 ?
21.What is an operating system ?What are the functions of operating system ?
22.What is routing and the function of routing protocols ?
23.deferances between work group and domain ?
24.What is the benefit of sql server ?
25.What is work of application layer and presentation layer ?
26.What is Cisco Firewall ?
27.What is the RAID ?
28.What is mean topoplogy ? you have which topology use the network ?
29.What is Difference between tcp & udp protocol ?
30.What is diffrents betweeen ntfs and fat ?
31.What is the BOOT P protocol used for, where might you find it in windows network infrastructure ?
32.How many scopes con create in one dhcp ?
33.What is meant my data qutoe error In ms office ?
34.why do we use c class of ip address(192 range) in organizations ?
35.What is topologies ?
36.What is vpn ? and What is the main advatages ?
37.What is backuprecovery ? What is the use ?
38.What is ads ? main advantages ads ?
39.What is dhcp ? What is the uses and advantages ?
40.What is dns ? What is the use and advatages ?
41.What is tcp/ip ? What is the use ?
42.What is swith,hub and router ?
43.What are the types protocols ?
44.What is networking ?
45.What can we do in the active directory explain it details ?
46.What is the Difference between X.25 and Frame Relay explain it briefly
47.What is the requirement of Subnet Mast in IP addressing ?
48.What is the hub and switch and router ?
49.What is the network ?
50.which port number you use when installing DHCP ?
51.What does the ping -l 1000 -n 100 command do ?
52.What is default gateway What is its use in router ?
53.How many Machines can work together in a Workgroup networking ? And How many Machines can access together SQL Server running on Machine in Workgroup network ? ?
54.How many machines can access together SQL server in workgroup networking. ? ?
55.How many Machines can be connected in working state together in a Workgroup ?
56.Explain Application Layer with the help of application layer protocol ? How can I know which user having group policy ?
57.How to know Active Directory Instal or not ?
58.What is diffrance between NAT & PAT ?
59.What is the opportunity in MCSE and CCNA ?
60.What is meant by mainframe server ?
61.What is the command to start a service in Windows from command line ?
62.How do you check the listening ports on a windows box ?
63.What is uplink ?
64.What is Organiser ?
65.What is patch panel ? What is the use ?
66.What is uplink ?
67.What is Organiser ? What is work ?
68.What is patch panel ? What is the use ?
69.What is the Difference between Broadcaste Domain and Collison Domain and where it is used ?
70.What is mean by memory map of procees ?
71.What is mean by MAC ?
72.How to telnet customer router from cisco MPLS 7200 router ? tell me the commands ?
73.What is the DHCP minium and Maximum lease duration ?
74.What is Difference between cisco switch and other vendor switch ?
75.How to configure SMTP connector in exchange server 2003 for external outgoing mail ?
76.What is L1 and L2 support ?
77.How many way to configure a router ?
78.What is the AD value of Static route ?
79.How can run the computer without Hard disk ?
80.What is the sequence of Ensemble Pro services ?
81.can we change the MAC address of Network card ?
82.What is the Differnece between IPLC & ISDN ?
83.which components require for Exchange Server 2007 installation ?
84.What is cell switching ?
85.How can view domain user password ?
86.What is spyware,firmware ?
87.Difference between layer3 switch and router ?
88.How to configure ras in router 2600 ?
89.You can ping servers on the subnet your workstation is on, but not other subnets. What is wrong ?
90.How to configure RAS in PIX 515E
91.How to a software deploy in sales OU ?
92.How to set Proxy Setting ?
93.What is ping ?
94.How to creat proxy server ? which software need ?
95.How can you configure router ?
96.Which two of the following protocols are used at the Transport layer ?
97.What ?s the default CDP holdtime in seconds for Cisco routers ?
98.Which of the following are logged when IP access list logging is enabled ?
99.Which layer is responsible for providing mechanisms for multiplexing upper-layer application, session establishment, and tear down of virtual circuits ?
100.Which of the following provide correct information about a protocol at the transport layer of the OSI model ?
101.What are the 2 functions of the Data Link Mac layer ?
102.Which layer is responsible for determining if sufficient resources for the intended communication exists ?
103.What is Virtual Private network(vpn),What are the precautions to take while we are working on the vpn,How to configure vpn ?
104.Which layer is responsible for identifying and establishing the availability of the intended communication partner ?
105.Windows and Linux interoperability How to ?
106.Have you configured a NFS server ?
107.Have you configured an NIS server/client ?
108.Are you familiar with automounter ?
109.What is the subnet for a class C network ?
110.What is VLAN ?
111.Difference between layer 2 and layer 3 devices ?

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