Apple Interview Questions

Apple Interview Questions
Some interview questions I was asked at Apple: from zevens blog
* Choose something you know a lot about, and teach it to us.
* Tell us about two situation in which you worked in a group, one time it worked well and another time it didn't.
* Look at C code fragments and find the error (a buffer overflow due to a lack of bounds checking on function parameters, and using a short data type when a long would have been safer.)
* Describe the strengths and weaknesses of two or three programming languages.
* Describe three drawbacks to using C++ for a project.
* Describe test cases where automation doesn't work well.
* I see you took course x, tell me about it and why you liked it.
* How are you different from your peers?
* What was your favorite course?
* If you found a certain bug in the software you were testing, describe the steps you would take to verify it and write it up. They gave me a couple hypothetical bugs to consider.
* Describe x, y, and z about this particular job on your resume.
Overall, nothing too suprising. There must have been more questions than this but that's all I can remember for now :)

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