Unix, Operating system interview questions faqs

Unix, Operating system interview questions faqs
1)What is the difference between a shell variable that is exported and the one that is not e...
2)What are the possible return status of kill() command?
3)What are the benefits of creating links to a file?
4)What is wildcard?
5)Write a script to convert all dos style backslashes to unix style slashes in a list of fil...
6)How do you read arguments in a shell program - $1, $2 ?
7)What are the steps to take files from unix server to windows?
8)What is the method of setting an environment variable from a program?
9)How do you debug a core dump?
10)How to delete a word from a file using shell scripting???
11)What is the concept of named pipe?
12)How does fork() and vfork() differ?
13)What type of scheduling is used in Unix?
14)Explain the unix file system?
15)What is make used for? How is it different from a shell script?
16)How would you replace the n character in a file with some xyz?
17)What are the steps for locking a file?
18)What is a zombie?
19)What are the differences between Shared and Dynamic libraries?
20)Give examples of how memory leaks can occur with c programs?
21)How to compare floating point number in shell scripting ?
22)How do u open a read only file in Unix?
23)How would you create shared and dynamic libraries?
24)Write a shell script to identify the given string is palindrome or not?
25)What is the use of `du, utility?
26)You want to migrate a 32 bit application to a 64 bit os, what all would you check?
27)What is inter-process communication facility?
28)What is a file server?
29)Explain difference between IPC mechanisms?
30)How would you remove a semaphore / shared memory whose owner processes have died?

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