Mahindra Satyam QTP Interview Questions

Mahindra Satyam QTP Interview Questions
1. How many types of Object repositories are there in QTP (Ans: Share & Local)
2. What are the Repository features (Ans: Object locator, Add, Merging, Comparing)
3. How to create a recovery scenario? What does recovery scenario manager do?
4. How to calculate number of Web links in a web Application using descriptive programming?
5. Open a word file and modified with some value using QTP?
6. How to create a excel file using QTP?
7. How to retrieve a value from web table? (Ans: Get Celldata(row, col))
8. What is QC requirement tab do? and how to map the requirements?
9. What is defect Life Cycle?
10. What is difference between smoke testing and sanity testing?
11. What are the main content in the Testplan?
12. How to create environmental variable?
13. How to create Action?
14. How many types of action are there in the QTP? (Ans: Non-reusable, Reusable, External)
15. How to pass a value from excel file to script?
16. What is the use of Split function?
17. What is defect leakage?
18. What are the properties of a defect template?
19. What are the types of testing?

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