Prokarma QTP Interview Questions

Prokarma QTP Interview Questions
1. Tell me about your self?
2. What framework you use in your project?
3. How do you connect QTP with Database?
4. How do you connect QC & QTP?
5. Rate yourself in VB Scripting from 1 to 5 ?
6. How often you do descriptive programming in your project?
7. Most difficult bug you found in your project?
8. If i give you a project and ask to start from today.And you will be only the person in project.How would you start the day?
9. In how many ways you can play with Synchronization point in your script?
10. Can you write a script to fill the user name and password fields in an Application?
11. What is the Object Repository maximum size?
12. Why do we need descriptive programming?though we have record and playback.
13. Why you are looking for a change?

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