Hardware Interview Question and Answers

Hardware Interview Question and Answers
1)What is a Microprocessor?
Microprocessor is a program-controlled device, which fetches the instructions from memory, decodes and executes the instructions. Most Micro Processor are single- chip devices.
2)Give examples for 8 / 16 / 32 bit Microprocessor? -
8-bit Processor - 8085 / Z80 / 6800; 16-bit Processor - 8086 / 68000 / Z8000; 32-bit Processor - 80386 / 80486.
3)Why 8085 processor is called an 8 bit processor? -
Because 8085 processor has 8 bit ALU (Arithmetic Logic Review). Similarly 8086 processor has 16 bit ALU.
4)For a single computer processor computer system, what is the purpose of a processor cache and describe its operation?
5)Explain the operation considering a two processor computer system with a cache for each processor.
6)What are the main issues associated with multiprocessor caches and how might you solve it?
7)Explain the difference between write through and write back cache.
8)Are you familiar with the term MESI?
9)Are you familiar with the term snooping?
10)Describe a finite state machine that will detect three consecutive coin tosses (of one coin) that results in heads

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