nVidia Interview questions Faqs

nVedia Interview questions Faqs
1. Reverse link list
2. print any tree without using recursion (difficult)
3. is num odd parity ?
4. I have a number in float like 2.5.Store this number in int in such a way that store 2 in bits 31-16 and 5 in 15-0.write a function to do that to convert it and vice versa.
5. reverse binary representation of number.
6. write a macro to give offset of particular field in structure.Like struct abc { int a,int b,char c}. Write a macro like offset(abc , c) to find offset of c from top.
7. basic questions like what is volatile , static and where to use them and why?
8. find number of 1's in paritcular number fastest way possible. (use hash table).
9. function to give mask for first 2 non zero (anything except 00) values in int.
10.find max number of repeatations in an array.like {2,3,4,5,2,3,2} max repeat is 2. optimize it for space then in time.
11)What is DMA?
12)Can user level buffer / pointer used by kernel or drivers?
13)Draw 2-level paging diagram.
14)Implement in-place swap. Now implement one won't cause overflow (i.e: can't use addition)
15)Reverse bit within a 32 bit integer
16)Reverse linked-list Implement atoi(char *p)
17)Detect loop in a singlely linked-list
18)Implement align_malloc() and align_free(),

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