Peoplesoft Interview Questions Faqs

Peoplesoft Interview Questions Faqs
1)How do you retrieve a value from scroll..scroll select?
2)When a user logs in to PS, how will the system know in which region the user comes ?
3)The DB User mentioned in Connect ID should have permission to which Three PeopleSoft Table...
4)Difference between sql statements and metasql statements?
5)What effect would making a change to the EMPLID field in the above project have?
6)What is the use of process profile?
7)What are the think-time functions?
8)What is the logic used by Component Buffer?
9)Difference between chartfield and chart of accounts?
10)Menu path provides path to?
11)What is a state record?
12)What are the Outputs of SQR?
13)What is the difference between a Grid and a scroll?
14)What category of commands can be executed in data mover?
15)What are the limitations of PS query?
16)What are the various ways to run SQR?
17)What is the difference between people soft TECHNICAL,FUNCTIONAL and TECHNO-FUNCTIONAL? Wha...
18)What happens if you don,t specify a Search Record for a Component?
19)What is the minimum number of objects an object group can consist of?
20)In the URL identify Portal and Component name?
21)What is record, row peoplecode?
22)Why cant the SQL and call Section Actions be present simultaneously in a single step?
23)Which of the following technology is used in app messaging?
24)Which Table contains Login User Id & Password in Peoplesoft Database?
25)What is the difference in using SQL directly and calling SQL from Peoplecode in Applicatio...
26)What is ERP and how it is related to SAP?
27)Ps application logic reside where?
28)How many Grids can we insert in a single component or page?
29)Where do peopletools data is cached?
30)What are the important tables in PS-HRMS?

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