AUTOCAD interview Questions at Manufacturing Company

1. What is the use of CAD in the Manufacturing Company?
CAD is mainly used for detailed engineering of 3Dimensional models or 2Dimensional drawings of physical components. It is also used all the way through the engineering process from theoretical design and layout of products with the help of strength and dynamic analysis of assemblies to definition of manufacturing methods of components. It can also be used to design objects. The use of CAD is quite helpful for speedily transmission in this industry as it allows viewing the designs from any angle and can be easily manipulated in terms of texture and colors. It helps in developing the modular kitchens, bathrooms etc.
2. What are the Software Technologies?
Software Technologies which are used in the AutoCAD Drafter are such as FORTRAN, Programming Languages like C. A CAD system can be seen as built up interaction of GUI with NURBS geometry.
3. What are the Hardware and Operating System Technologies?
It consists of major platforms like QCAD, NX, Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OSX. No special hardware is required for the most CAD software. CAD systems can do graphically and computationally expensive tasks. It uses human machine interface through computer mouse, Light pen, Joysticks etc.
4. Tell me something about Manufacturing.
A manufacturing company is a type of company used for harmonization of all safeguarding activities. The manufacturing department is for the manufacturing of various products and goods through several activities like development of raw materials into finished goods.
5. There are so many candidates for this post. Why you think you are applicable for this job?
Well Sir, I am knowledgeable enough in manufacturing and sales departments and have very well interpersonal skill as well as computer skills. I have always a positive attitude towards my work. I will try to give my 100% to this job. My experience will be helpful in the growth of your organization.
These samples will hopefully help you a lot. You can modify the answers on the basis of background and experiences and the way the questions are asked by the interviewer at the time of interview.

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