HCL Dotnet Interview Questions and Answers

HCL Dotnet Interview Questions and Answers
1. What is data.single
2. Which FCL support for long datatype
3. How to increase array size? if i increased the arry size , old arry's value will lost?
4. What is are the security in .net
5. If you ur including third party companent in .net , how to add it?
6. what is .resx file
7. what is .sui file
8. What is Namespace?
9. What are datatype conversion function used in .net
1. What is web servcie? and Reason for use?
2. What is viewstate?
3. What are the validation used in asp.net? Examples?
4. Where your wrting javascript,vbscript and vaidation control and why?
5. In whihc scenario your selecting which validation is required?
6. If you are adding sqlclient as reference , then which reference will add?22.
7. I have one button named Back , if i pressed the button i dont want to go back, how it is possible?
1. Hot to create database connection?
2. What is curosr in .Net ( data reader)
3. What is ado.net and feature and why ur using this?
4. Where your writing your sql query?
5. if your writing sql query in .aspx , what is disadvantges of that?
6. How to display current date and time in web-page
Crystal Repor
1. How your creating crystal report and what code your using in your application
2. What are datatypes in crystal report
3. How your passing parameter in stored procedure in Cry
1. What is stored procedure and trigger?
2. What is the use of Null? If Null constraints is not in database what will happend?
3. How to get system time?
4. what is primary key?
5. How remove a primary key field.
6. I have a table T1 with column c1, T2 with column c2. I want to create a table T3 with one field as primary key, and foreign keys are T1.c1 and T2.c2.
7. I have a table T1 with column c1,c2,c3. i want to add data into c2 , is it possible , if possibele what is the query?
8. In above if the column c1 is primary key and u try to add a record only into c2, what will happend?

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