Sales Interview Questions

Sales Interview Questions
• What type of products have you sold?
• Do you have a proven record of accomplishment in sales?
• How do you find prospective clients?
• Have you ever used a consulting firm to find clients or buyers?
• Do you often meet your quotas?
• What is your average percentage of quotas met?
• How do you meet your quotas?
• What creative ways have you used to meet quotas and deadlines?
• How do you feel when not making a sale or meeting a quota?
• Do you have a sales plan template? How have you planned? Does your template include a forecast for 30/60/90 days?
• Do you have prospective buyers? To whom do you plan to sell our product?
• How do you plan to follow up on your sales?
• If you meet your quotas for your forecast plan, what is next?
• What if you do not meet your quotas?
• What attracts you to a career in sales?
• What motivates you about sales and marketing?
• Why do you want this job?
• What makes a good sales person?
• Please state your likes and dislikes?

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