Oracle India QTP Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle India(Company) QTP Interview Questions and Answers
Some knowledge of C,C++ is also required @Oracle
1. Types of Recording modes available in QTP? (Ans: Normal,Analog,Low-level)
2. Types of Run modes available in QTP? (Ans: Normal & Fast)
3. RO & TO in GetROproperty & GetTOproperty stands for? (Ans: Run-time Object & Test Object)
4. What is Object Repository and types available? (Ans: Stores object properties. Types are Local & Shared)
5. Disadvantages of Shared Object repository?
6. What are Call to Copy of Action & call to Existing Action? And difference between them?
7. Given scenario is like this: One Web table is there and you have to search and retrieve a cell data which is equal to the given number say:123. Assume you have given with the column name/id of the table where the number may exist. So now you have to go to the given column and search for the number 123 and retrieve it along with the row number of it.
8. Extending to question no:7, Say the cell has the value 123 with a space suffixing it (Say:123″space”). Now how will you compare the retrieved value with the given value 123 (Comparison will fail, as you have a space at the end of retrieved value). How will you overcome this?
9. Take sdlc & STLC, what are main differences between those 2? Which can be done in SDLC and can’t be done in STLC or vice-versa?
10. Write a C program to know whether given string is a palindrome or not? (Write without using string functions)
11. Write a C program to know whether given number is a perfect number or not?
12. Given with a alphanumeric string (Say:Oracle123), How will you find how many alphabets are there in the given string? And how many numeric’s are there?

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