Internet Marketing interview Questions,SEO

Internet Marketing interview Questions
1. What online marketing tools are you familiar with and how do you implement these tools?
2. What internet services have you worked with in the past? How did you offer your product using these tools?
3. What internet service…Google, Yahoo, etc….. Whom do you believe offers the best marketing tools? Can you explain?
4. Do you understand keywords usage and keywords research?
5. What do you know about keyword stemming, density, and proximity?
6. Are you familiar with link building campaign?
7. Are you familiar with SEO?
8. What SEO or SEM services have you used?
9. What are these terms – CPM, PPC and CTR?
10. What types of online advertising tools have you used?
11. How do you implement survey tools to target your market?
12. Can you supply an example of a successful advertising campaign? What was the strategy and tools implemented that made the campaign successful?

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