Infinite Computer solutions(ICS) Dot net Interview Questions

Infinite Computer solutions(ICS) Dot netInterview Questions
1. What is boxing?
2. What is step-step- execution?
3. What are the session events?
4. If a user will not close the application what will happend to the session?
5. What is system.ui.
6. What are the difference between stored procedure and function in Sql server
7. Tell me about how to execute a sqlserver stored procedure
8. try {
} catch (DivideByZeroException de)
{ MessageBox.Show(de.Message);
} catch (Exception ex)
{ MessageBox.Show("Exception");
What is execution step in try-catch-finally. and in above if an DividebyZero happend , is second catch will work?
9. What ar the difference between finalize and dispose?

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