WellsFargo Testing Interview Questions

WellsFargo Testing Interview Questions
1. What is the testing process you follow in your organization?
2. What is the bug Life Cycle you follow?
3. Say your Product passed through testing and UAT. Now it went to production at client location and they found one defect in it. How they need to procced now? Will they contact you? Will they contact dev team?
4. What is Object Repository? How many types in it?
5. How many types of Actions are there in QTP?
6. When you open QTP, how many sheets you can see? (Ans: Local & Global sheets)
7. What is a Join and types?
8. What are stored procedures?
9. Write a query to retrieve the second highest paid employee from the salary table?
10. What is compatability testing?
11. Explain a scenario and few Test cases for compatability testing?
12. Say i have a Gmail page opened in IE8, now what would be your compatability test cases for that?
13. Write a QTP script to enter a keyword in to Google search engine?
14. Can we add new Objects & properties into shared object repository?
15. What exactly a test plan contains?
16. What are all the documents needs to be submitted as a part of test closure?
17. What are enter & exit criterias of a test paln?
18. What is Traceability matrix?
19. What is recovery scenario?
20. How to pass values into a datatable?
21. What is the difference between a Function and Action in QTP?
22. What is the difference between a Function and Procedure in QTP?
23. Difference between action & Reusable action?

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