ACCENTURE Interview Questions --SharePoint

SharePoint interview at Accenture
1) Tell me about your sharepoint experiences ?

2) Did you ever worked in Web Services ? How you called Webmethods ?

3) What type of Webparts you are developed in your current project ?

4) How many ways we can deploy the webpart ?    Which is the best method to deploy the Webpart ?

5) What are new features in MOSS 2007 ?

6) What are the permission levels in Sharepoint ?

7) What is Sharepoint Object Model ?

8) What are basic building blocks for Sharepoint ?

9) How many types of Event Handlers in Sharepoint ? where did you use these event handlers in your project ?

10) What are the Security levels in Sharepoint ?

11) What is the default authentication level in Sharepoint ?

12) Can we impliment Forms Authentication in Sharepoint or is there any custom Authentication ?

13) What is meant by SignIn ?

14) What is meant by MetaData Cache ?

15) How can you impliment Data Fragment cache ? What is VaryByParam ?

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