Sony ericsson Interview Questions and answers

Sony ericsson Interview Questions
1). Merits & Demerits of
- Returning references from functions,
- Returning pointers from functions.

2). Exception handling in cpp.

3). What is wrong with the following code.
int *p=new int[10];
throw int(10);
catch (int i){

3). For the following code :
Class A{
Container *someContainer;
// someContainer = new Container;
/* Write code so that if someContainer is not initialized properly
the instances of A wouldn't get created

4). Questions related to Multithreading in C++

5). Questions related to signals used in Unix/Linux.

6). How to avoid multiple definitions of the same component when the same header file is included in multiple files in a the same project. (Don't use #ifdef etc preprocessor directive).

7). Difference between extern and static.

Basic funda of the interview was to test for the error handling and multithreaded skills of the candidate.

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