Library assistant Interview questions and answers

Library assistant Interview questions and answers
As we all know that the library is one of the most important sources of information in the education system and therefore the librarian plays a key role in this learning environment. The librarian maintains the books collections of the library as well as other material such entailing publications, journals, magazines, newspapers, documents and virtual libraries such as audio/video materials. All kind of media is recorded and controlled by the librarian in an efficient way to assist the library visitors in locating and obtaining these materials.

Keeping in mind the importance of this position, the interview for a librarian is well planned and the questions are framed in a bid to hire only the best of all the applicants.

1.Tell me something about yourself or describe yourself?
Ideally you should start with your name first and then going ahead with the last qualification. Do not forget to mention your past experience, the skills earned there along with your short and long term future plans.

2.What are your qualifications for the job of a librarian?
Quote only that qualification that is desired or relevant for the post for example- B.Sc. or M.Sc. - Library Sciences. It would be a wise idea to carry along any and every document relevant to your profile.

3.How technically sound are you?
You can inform the prospective employer about your computer proficiency which may include MS- Office, Internet and other customized softwares especially designed for library management.

4.Are you comfortable with library management software?
Here you can mention your technical knowledge gathered accompanied with the hands on experience if any. In reply to this question you can tell the interviewer that you are pursuing any course pertaining to the library management.

5.What is your role in the educational system as a librarian?
A librarian has an integral part in the educational system working as the resource provider to the teachers and their students. The librarian helps in increasing the knowledge base of the students.

6.Do you think the physical attributes of the library make a difference to the students?
Show your acknowledgement with full justification by saying yes, a library should be spacious and have soothing colors that do not bother anyone. There should be a systematic presentation of the data that stores in the library.

Answer questions naturally without sounding rehearsed and build confidence for the interview. It is important when seeking jobs and going for interviews, that you appear confident, well spoken, and are able to articulate your skills, experience and ability to handle the job you are interviewing for. Do your homework before going to an interview; get to know as much as you can about the workplace.

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