Motivation Questions for the nursing job interview

Motivation Questions for the nursing job interview
Why did you choose your specialty area of nursing?
Whether the area of specialization is ER, Occupational Health, Community Health, ICU or any other, the key to answering nurse interview questions about your nursing career choice is to be very specific about why you chose it. What influenced you in your choice? How did you explore your options? Highlight how your strengths are best utilized in this area and how it suits your personal competencies.

Why do you want to work in our hospital and/or community?
Use your background research to support your answer. Look at aspects such as the commitment to health care provision, innovations in patient care, the community it serves.

How do you stay current with the nursing profession?
Nurse interview questions about your motivation to learn and stay updated are important indicators of your commitment to nursing as a career. Examples include attending conferences, subscribing to professional nursing journals, joining relevant forums and groups and conducting online research.

What are the biggest challenges facing nursing today?
Health care systems globally are struggling to meet the demands of the populations they serve. One of the major problems is the current shortage of trained nurses. Use your interview answer to demonstrate that you have thought about this issue and offer up some reasons as to why there is such a shortage of skilled nurses. Possible reasons include low nursing school enrollment due to poor perceptions of nursing as a fairly rewarded career and nurses leaving the profession before retirement age due to job dissatisfaction. You need to be able to show your interest in nursing as a career by demonstrating that you have thought about the current and future issues facing nurses.

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