Wipro Interview Questions---Dotnet

Wipro Interview Questions(DOTNet)
1. when you will use HttpHandlers

2. what you will impiment in HttpModule

3. In the Page , suppose in preRender value=x and in the pageload value=y after page loads which value will be displayed.

4. how you will improve the webapplication performance.

5. What is Agile methodology ? which methodolgy followed in your project ?

6. How many members can be work by implimenting Scrum/Iteration methods ?

7. What is Ajax ?

8. Difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous ?

9. which is the best gridview or repeater

10. exception handling in stored proc.. how you will catch an error message

11. exception handling in asp.net application..(expecting log files to be create in production live )

12. how many members involve in scrum methodology

13. how u implimented design patterns in ur projects

14. how you will reduce the page size

15. what will happen if we use response.buffer and response.flush

16. how u will refresh the page using .net code

17. what is webservice

18. what is soap

19. how u will consume the webservice in asp.net application

20. how u will set proxy to access webservice

21. what is wsdl

22. Windows and Forms Authentication

24. In Forma Authentication how you will validate the users if it is in database

25. When you will use State Server and SqlServer

26. State Management

27. Valid XML format

28. programming : Write a code in Ajax ,select one dropdownlist based on that it should reflect in another dropdownlist

29. programming : In table , having States as a coulmn. based on coumn it should be displayed a record using DataTable

30. programming : select dropdownlist based on that it should be displayed on Gridview

31. programming : In gridview, first column value should be displayed tooltip

32. programming : need to popup dialog box every 20 min ok and cancel button should be displayed

in the ok button and the cancel button code what code you will write.

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