Logica CMG interview Questions --Sharepoint

Logica CMG interview Questions --Sharepoint
1.Advantages of infopath?

2.What iS the primary datasource for infopath form template?

3.Why shoud we go for content types?

4.On which location the Content Database is stored ?

5.Can we access content database or can we query content database?

6.How can we use User controls in Sharepoint site?

7.Web part lifecycle when the events will fire?

8.When the Webpart dll is placed in web application bin directory? How can we use that?

9.Difference between Webparts and user controls?

10.Difference between Webparts and InfoPath?

11.Difference between Site pages and Application pages? Which is the best ?

12.Types of workflows? What is the difference between sequential workflows and state machine workflows?

13.What is the default document size we can upload? Where we can change this in central admin?

14.Where to set Alerts in central admin application?

15.How caching implemented in sharepoint?

16.What are default roles added to site?

17.What is Ghosting and UnGhosting?

18.What are synchronous events and asynchronous events?

19.What are event receivers?

20.without coding how to restrict all the views while selecting ? it should not able to see in the list

21.What are group policies? Which policy can be added in the list (expiration policy,custom policy and many other policies)

21.Practical Question : in share point portal employees information is maintained. when he resigns, his data should be deleted after 4 years from the data of resignation? How can it be done.And suppose there is a criminal case on the employee, and police have asked details of that employee after 3 years and 364 days(i. e….. 1 day before 4th year. Now we don’t want to delete that employee details? What should we do? If the portal is on live? What would be the best choice? We should rewrite code or any other option?

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