Adobe Fresher Interview questions

Adobe Fresher Interview questions 
If you are preparing for adobe, the important topics to prepare are Algorithm questions, Trees, C / Java, Recursion, Pointers, etc.
Few Questions from the C Language test:
1) Linked list using recursion.
2) Use the atoi function to find whether a number is divisible by 3 without using %,/ or 8.
3) Two integers are provided. You have to find the number of bits that need to be flipped in one number to get another one. ( xor a and b and count the number of bits)
4) Two arrays are given with duplicate elements. Get C = A – B with no duplicates (Merge 2 arrays and remove the duplicates)
5) Routines to swap int pointers.
6) Write a Rotate function for rotating elements in an array, using a reverse function.
7) Write a program for subtraction of 2 base 13 numbers.
Write a program to find Min and max nodes of a quad tree.
8) Prove that the number of internal nodes in a tree is less than the number of leaves.
9) Boolean logic proofs
10) Program to find if a binary tree is a BST or not.

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