Clerk interview Questions

Clerk interview Questions
A clerk is a person who is involved in the clerical works of any organization. This post comes after the officers rank post. However you should not feel that this job is easy to be won. You will have to pass the interview if you want to become a clerk. A clerk is a much respected position in any company. You will have to be very good at the analytical skills if you want to become a clerk. The completion is quite tough.
Some of the interview questions which can be asked from you are as follows:

1. Tell us about yourself.
This is always the first question which is asked from most of the applicants. However as an applicant you will have to make sure that you give the answer as briefly as possible. Just tell you name and the job which you are doing. If you are a fresher then you should simply say that you are a fresher.

2. Up till what level you have studied the mathematics?
I have been a very good student of mathematics. I have always scored good marks in mathematics. As far as my last class up till which I have studied mathematics was intermediate.

3. What is your typing speed?
A clerk is supposed to have a very good typing speed. On an average they are supposes to have a typing speed of 40 to 50 words per minute. Hence you should make sure that you possess this speed. Otherwise it is very hard for you to be selected. You should practice very hard on typing speed.

4. Who is your role model?
Let me tell you that you must have some role model. However it is mandatory for you to know everything about your role model. Hence please make sure before reciting the name that you know everything about him or her.

5. What are your hobbies?
Believe me that this question will be asked from you during the interview. Most of the people say that they love book reading and so on. If you want to make sure that you are right then make sure that you say the right hobbies. This will help you in interview question which will be asked next. Do not try to confuse the examiner as well as do not get confused yourself as well.

6. How good are you at Microsoft office?
Let me tell you that you should be very good at Microsoft office. It is the Microsoft words or it is the Excel, you will be required to have good hands at all this software’s.

These are some of the interview questions which can be asked from you when you will give the interview for the post of the clerk. So please make sure that you prepare hard. Otherwise you will be rejected.

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