Sales Manager Interview Questions and answers

Sales Manager Interview Questions and answers
Sales, is the most important part of any business cycle because it gives revenue and profits to sustain. Thus hiring sales personnel becomes really crucial. The key attributes that a prospective employer looks in to the candidate are influential personality, positive attitude, convincing power, excellent communication skills and thorough understanding of industry, product with analytical bent of mind. An ideal candidate should be aware of the terms and trends of the industry.
However the sales profile differs in different industries but to be successful and discreet you need to be smart. Here we are explaining some of the key questions that are frequently asked with their suitable answers;

1. Tell me something about yourself?
It is the first question asked by your employer to involve you in the interview process. Do not be wordy but introduce yourself with your personal details, academics, professional qualification, experience and a bit about the family details.

2. What according to you are the special wings of a sales job?
The special wings of sales job include accounting, call center management, employee motivation, human resource management, customer service, administration and project management. These are some of the special key result areas upon which the entire sales performance depends.

3. Which basic principles or facts are needed to successfully execute the sales cycle and becoming a good sales professional?
To be a successful sales professional a candidate should know about the principles, tactics, strategies and techniques related to sales and marketing, awareness to the sales control systems with complete knowledge about the software applications along with basic business principles.

4. What technical skills you have?
Here you can mention the courses such as MS - Office, Tally and SAP. Do not forget to show your supporting credentials.

5. What comes first selling or marketing?
This is the knowledge based question to test your basic understanding. Here you can say that we market the things which we want to sell. Thus marketing comes first.

6. Why did you left your previous job?
Do not lie in this question as a background check will reveal all the truth. So be fair to tell him the reason but ensure that you do not say anything negative for your former employer or colleagues.

7. Sell me something?
Here the employer is interested in knowing your personal and business skill asking you to sell anything. Use the cycle that you generally follow starting from the inquiry of need converting in to want and finally in to his buying decision.

Follow these basic questions while preparing and position yourself steps ahead from the rests.

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