Amdocs Java Interview

Amdocs Java Interview
  1. Where and why do we use the synchronized keyword?
  2. Give an example of polymorphism in java with code?
  3. What are the classes and interfaces used in Collection framework, briefly explain them?
  4. What are inner classes and why do we need them?
  5. Do we name the java file using the Outer class’s name?
  6. How to access the inner class?
  7. Why do we need an abstract class from design perspective?
  8. Difference between keywords and variables?
  9. What is the deployment process of your application?
  10. Explain MVC?
  11. What are the components in your application that correspond to Model View and Controller components?
  12. Which application server do you use to deploy your app?
  13. What database do you use and how do you connect your java application to the database?
  14. What is JNDI?
  15. What is EJB?
  16. What do u mean by serialization? How do we achieve it in java?

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