Roamware interview questions

Roamware interview questions
1). Write a program for Binary Search.

2). Differnce between macro and constant.

3). what is #?

4). Difference between index and primary key?

5). Different types of joins in relational database.

6). Write a sql query to find the name of employee who gets second highest salary. The tables are :

EmpDetail { EmpId, EmpName}

SalaryDetail {EmpId, Salary}

7). SS7 description

8). SCP, SSP, MSC, VLR, HLR related basic questions.

9). Call flow and the various components interfaced during a call flow.

10). If a subscriber has placed a call to another subscriber, and some oss feature is comes in picture during the call, what would be the process of charging in case of prepaid customer.

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