JDBC Interview Faqs
# How do I check what table-like database objects (table, view, temporary table,

# How do I create a database connection?

# How do I create a java.sql.Date object?

# How do I create a java.sql.Time object?

# How do I create an updatable ResultSet?

# How do I disallow NULL values in a table?

# How do I display and parse a date?

# How do I execute stored procedures?

# How do I extract SQL table column type information?

# How do I extract a BLOB from a database?

# How do I extract the SQL statements required to move all tables and views from an existing database to another database?

# How do I find all database stored procedures in a database?

# How do I get runtime information about the JDBC Driver?

# How do I implement a RowSetReader? I want to populate a CachedRowSet myself and the documents specify that a RowSetReader should be used.The single method accepts a RowSetInternal caller and returns void. What can I do in the readData method?

# How do I insert a .jpg into a mySQL data base?

# How do I insert an image file (or other raw data) into a database?

# How do I receive a ResultSet from a stored procedure?

# How do I retrieve a whole row of data at once, instead of calling an individual ResultSet.getX.X.X method for each column?

# How do I set properties for a JDBC driver and where are the properties stored?

# How do I start debugging problems related to the JDBC API?

# How do I write Greek ( or other non-ASCII/8859-1 ) characters to a database?

# How do you handle your own transaction ?

# How does a custom RowSetReader get called from a CachedRowSet?

# How does one get column names for rows returned in a ResultSet?

# How does the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) work?

# How many types of JDBC Drivers are present and what are they?

# How to insert and delete a row programmatically? (new feature in JDBC 2.0)

# How to move the cursor in scrollable resultsets?(new feature in JDBC 2.0)

# How to update a resultset programmatically? (new feature in JDBC 2.0)

# I have an application that queries a database and retreives the results into a

# I need to have result set on a page where the user can sort on the column headers. Any ideas?

# I would like to download the JDBC-ODBC Bridge for the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition (formerly JDK 1.2). I'm a beginner with the JDBC API, and I would like to start with the Bridge. How do I do it?

# If I use the JDBC API, do I have to use ODBC underneath?

# Is is possible to open a connection to a database with exclusive mode with JDBC?

# Is the JDBC-ODBC Bridge multi-threaded?

# Is there a practical limit for the number of SQL statements that can be added to an instance of a Statement object
# JTable ...

# Many connections from an Oracle8i pooled connection returns statement closed. I am using import oracle.jdbc.pool.* with thin driver. If I test with many simultaneous connections, I get an SQLException that the statement is closed. How can I overwrite blob data in an Oracle database? ...

# Once I have the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, from Sun, what else do I need to connect to a database?

# The java.sql package contains mostly interfaces. When and how are these

# There is a method getColumnCount in the JDBC API. Is there a similar method to find the number of rows in a result set?

# Update fails without blank padding. Alhough a particular row is present in the database for a given key, executeUpdate() shows 0 rows updated and, in fact, the table is not updated. If I pad the Key with spaces for the column length (eg if the key column is 20 characters long, and key is msgID, length 6, I pad it with 14 spaces), the update then works!!! Is there any solution to this problem without padding?What isolation level is used by the DBMS when inserting, updating and

# Whan happens when I close a Connection application obtained from a connection Pool? How does a connection pool maintain the Connections that I had closed through the application?

# What JDBC objects generate SQLWarnings?

# What are four types of JDBC driver?

# What are stored procedures?

# What are the common tasks of JDBC?

# What are the components of the JDBC URL for Oracle's "thin" driver and how do I use them?

# What are the considerations for deciding on transaction boundaries?

# What are the different JDB drivers available?

# What are the standard isolation levels defined by JDBC?

# What are the steps required to execute a query in JDBC?

# What are the two major components of JDBC?

# What causes the "No suitable driver" error?

# What does Class.forName return?

# What does it mean to "materialize" data?

# What does normalization mean for java.sql.Date and java.sql.Time?

# What does setFetchSize() really do?

# What driver should I use for scalable Oracle JDBC applications?

# What is Connection pooling?

# What is Connection?

# What is DML?

# What is DriverManager ?

# What is JDBC Driver ?

# What is JDBC Driver interface?

# What is JDBC?

# What is JDO?

# What is Metadata and why should I use it?

# What is a JDBC 2.0 DataSource?

# What is a ResultSet ?

# What is an SQL Locator?

# What is cold backup, hot backup, warm backup recovery?

# What is new in JDBC 2.0?

# What is optimistic concurrency?

# What is pessimistic concurrency?

# What is the JDBC syntax for using a date literal or variable in a standard Statement?

# What is the JDBC syntax for using a literal or variable in a standard Statement?

# What is the advantage of denormalization?

# What is the advantage of using a PreparedStatement?

# What is the best way to generate a universally unique object ID? Do I need to

# What is the difference between client and server database cursors?

# What is the difference between setMaxRows(int) and SetFetchSize(int)? Can either reduce processing time?

# What is the fastest type of JDBC driver?

# What is the most efficient method of replicating data betwen databases using JDBC?

# What is the query used to display all tables names in SQL Server (Query analyzer)?

# What is the significance of DataBaseMetaData.tableIndexStatistics? How to

# What scalar functions can I expect to be supported by JDBC?

# What types of DataSource objects are specified in the Optional Package?

# What's the JDBC 3.0 API?

# What's the best way, in terms of performance, to do multiple insert/update statements, a PreparedStatement or Batch Updates?

# What's the fastest way to normalize a Time object?

# When I intersperse table creation or other DDL statements with DML statements ....

# When an SQL select statement doesn't return any rows, is an SQLException thrown?

# Where can I find info, frameworks and example source for writing a JDBC driver?

# Which Java and java.sql data types map to my specific database types?

# Which is the preferred collection class to use for storing database result sets?

# Which type of JDBC driver is the fastest one?

# Why can't I invoke the ResultSet methods afterLast and beforeFirst when the method next works?

# Why can't Tomcat find my Oracle JDBC drivers in classes111.zip?

# Why do I have to reaccess the database for Array, Blob, and Clob data?

# Why does the ODBC driver manager return 'Data source name not found and no default driver specified Vendor: 0' How to use JDBC to connect Microsoft Access?

# Why doesn't JDBC accept URLs instead of a URL string?

# Why isn't the java.sql.DriverManager class being found?

# Why should I consider optimistic versus pessimistic approaches to database

# alias) are present in a particular database?

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