JDBC Technical Interview Questions

JDBC Interview Questions
1) Are all the required JDBC drivers to establish connectivity to my database part of the JDK?

2) Are the code examples from the JDBC API Tutorial and Reference, Second Edition available online?

3)Are there any ODBC drivers that do not work with the JDBC-ODBC Bridge?

4)Can I get information about a ResultSet's associated Statement and Connection in a method without having or adding specific arguments for the Statement and Connection?

5)Can I set up a conection pool with multiple user IDs? The single ID we are forced to use causes probelems when debugging the DBMS.

6)Can I use JDBC to execute non-standard features that my DBMS provides?

7)Can I use the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver in an applet?
8) Can ResultSets be passed between methods of a class? Are there any special usage How can I convert a java array to a java.sql.Array?

9) Can the JDBC-ODBC Bridge be used with applets?

10)Can you scroll a result set returned from a stored procedure?...

11)Connecting to a database through the Proxy I want to connect to remote database using a program that is running in the local network behind the proxy. Is that possible?

12)Could we get sample code for retrieving more than one parameter from a

13)DB2 Universal claims to support JDBC 2.0, But I can only get JDBC 1.0 functionality. What can I do?

14)Detecting Duplicate Keys I have a program that inserts rows in a table ...

15)Does the JDBC-ODBC Bridge support multiple concurrent open statements per connection?

16)Does the JDBC-ODBC Bridge support the new features in the JDBC 3.0 API?

17)Does the database server have to be running Java or have Java support in order for my remote JDBC client app to access the database?

18)How can I connect from an applet to a database on the server?

19)How can I connect to an Excel spreadsheet file using jdbc?

20)How can I connect to an Oracle database not on the web server from an untrusted applet?

21)How can I create a custom RowSetMetaData object from scratch?

22)How can I determine the isolation levels supported by my DBMS?

23)How can I determine where a given table is referenced via foreign keys?

24)How can I determine whether a Statement and its ResultSet will be closed on a

25)How can I get data from multiple ResultSets?

26)How can I get information about foreign keys used in a table?

27)How can I get or redirect the log used by DriverManager and JDBC drivers?

28)How can I insert images into a Mysql database?

29)How can I insert multiple rows into a database in a single transaction?

30)How can I instantiate and load a new CachedRowSet object from a non-JDBC source?

31)How can I investigate the parameters to send into and receive from a database stored procedure?

32)How can I investigate the physical structure of a database?

33)How can I know when I reach the last record in a table, since JDBC doesn't provide an EOF method?

34)How can I make batch updates using JDBC?

35)How can I pool my database connections so I don't have to keep reconnecting to the database?

36)How can I retrieve a String or other object type without creating a new object each time?

37)How can I retrieve string data from a database in Unicode format?

38)How can I tell if my JDBC driver normalizes java.sql.Date and java.sql.Time objects?

39)How can I use the JDBC API to access a desktop database like Microsoft Access over the network?

40)How can I write to the log used by DriverManager and JDBC drivers?

41)How can resultset records be restricted to certain rows?

42)How do I check in my code whether a maximum limit of database connections have been reached?

43)How do I check what table types exist in a database?

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