Sales manager Interview Question---Industrial

Selling the industry produced goods on major scale and volume is termed as Industrial sales and an Industrial Sales Manager is the pivotal player who manages it. An ideal candidate is responsible to head the gamut of tasks pertaining to sales and marketing of the goods. The wide spectrum of tasks include business development, technical supports, marketing, team management, key account management and payment as well as target realization.

The ideal candidate should have excellent communication and persuasive skills with motivational management style. He or she should be technically qualified and have a detail oriented attitude. The major responsibilities involve generating and qualifying leads, sourcing new business in the assigned territory, mapping customer needs and framing personalized solutions along with handling pre or post purchase queries.

Interview for Industrial Sales Manager is really crucial and in order to crack it easily we are explaining some of the frequently asked questions;

1. What are your core competencies?
Explain your prospective employer that you have gathered significant knowledge and experience all through your academic as well as employment tenure. Market penetration using the consultative selling approach and commitment towards the customer service is your business strength.

2. How will you motivate a buyer to opt us while there are number of companies offering the same product?

Nothing but a right approach can help here. While initiating your discussion and enquiring about the need of your prospective buyer you can feel his pulse. Based on his key requirement you can place your product. You can use the competitive selling skill by comparing your product against the rests.

3. Apart from the usual jobs what else you think that you are accountable for?

Being an Industrial Sales Manager you need to head the operations, assisting in new product development, managing the distribution network, setting up strategic partnerships or alliances, brand management and positioning are some of the other important tasks.

4. What feature attracts you to this industry?
This industry has a lot of potential to offer me the desirable growth opportunities. Selling the industrial goods is not an easy task and you need to move smartly. The complexity of this field attracts me the most.

5. What according to you is the key skill for closing?

Being customer friendly and offering him the value for money is the key to successfully close a sale. Tell your employer that trust is the most important factor that comes when your clients find you sensible.

We had a discussion over the commonly asked questions and their possible answers. I hope that it will really help you in fine tuning your preparation.

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