Nursing Interview faqs ,Nursing interview questions and answers

Nursing Interview faqs ,Nursing interview questions and answers
General nurse interview questions will explore the following areas:
Your training, qualifications and work experience
Where did you get your training and what qualifications and certifications do you have?
Explain why you have chosen a specific area of practice. Be prepared to discuss your theoretical training as well as the practical component. Remember to take copies of your certifications with you.
You will be asked nurse interview questions around your work experience based on the resume you have submitted.

Prepare by carefully going through your resume beforehand. Be completely familiar with your tasks and responsibilities and the skills, abilities and knowledge you have gained.

Anticipate the following type of questions:
This nursing job requires training and experience in ......... Tell me how your training and experience fulfill this requirement.

Your resume shows that you have knowledge of ........ Please tell me more about your experience in this area.

What is your experience in ..... Tell me in some detail how you went about performing this task?

In answering these nurse interview questions highlight special achievements and the acquisition of specific skills and abilities. Use the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to nursing. Speak positively about your experiences and previous employers. Keep your answer relevant to the requirements of the nursing opportunity.

Typical nurse interview questions
By preparing answers to the most common nursing interview questions, you will be able to give effective and convincing answers that set you apart as an excellent candidate for the nursing job.

Why are you the right person for this nursing job?
Highlight why your training and experience qualify you for this specific nurse job. Prepare for this beforehand by closely reviewing the key job requirements and matching the relevant skills and abilities you have gained to these. Provide specific examples of these skills when answering this question.
Use your background research to show your understanding of the key challenges faced by this organization. Detail how you can help meet these challenges and be part of the solution.

Why are you interested in this particular nursing job?
Again prepare for this by finding out as much as possible about the job and the facility. Demonstrate why this job is the one you particularly want using this background research. For example: "I am specifically looking for a position in a facility like this because of it's excellent emergency care .."

What have been your most significant accomplishments to date?
Describe achievements that relate to this nursing job. Take specific examples and describe how your approach benefited the patient and/orfacility.

What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses as a nursing professional?
Prepare three or four key strengths that relate closely to the job you are interviewing for. Reinforce each strength with a concrete example.
Be honest about your weaknesses, show you have the maturity and insight to recognize your areas for improvement. State a weakness and then discuss how you are managing it and the improvements you have made so far.

Why are you leaving your present job?
Explain how this opening provides a new challenge and opportunity. Avoid criticizing your former employer or colleagues and giving a negative reason for leaving. Focus on the positive possibilities that will come with a move to a new nursing job.

What do you consider the most important qualities for this nursing job?
Make your answer relevant to the specific nursing job. For example common qualities required for successful performance as an ER Nurse include adaptability, resilience, critical thinking, organization and planning, emotional stability and high stress tolerance.

What did you like and dislike about your previous position?
The interviewer is evaluating your suitability and compatibility with this nursing opportunity. General likes that are applicable to most nursing jobs include learning opportunities, professional growth, job diversity and directly contributing to improving patient care.
The dislikes should not refer to characteristics of the nurse job you are interviewing for. Stay away from reasons that involve common working conditions such as overtime. Avoid criticisms of your previous employer but refer to the absence of something that you want in your job such as the opportunity to use your initiative more or learn new skills.

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