Customer Service Executive Interview Questions

Customer Service Executive Interview Questions
Customer services are provided to fully satisfy the needs and queries of the customers. There has been a rapid rise in the awareness of customers for their rights. In order to meet the demands of the clients and stand in the market, various companies provide the necessary information about their products through their customer care services. The feedback provided by the clients helps the company to know about the needs of the user and also throws some light on the scope where improvement can be done. This field is growing at a much faster pace. Good convincing power and efficient communication skills are two important traits needed to be successful in this field.

I am providing some of the important interview questions that are mainly asked in an interview of customer service representative:

1. How do you tackle with negative feedbacks of your customers?
You can answer that it is the duty of a customer care provider to fully satisfy the customer’s queries. He should be able to convince him with out being dominated. Efficient convincing ability helps a lot to tackle such situations. A customer care representative should listen to his client’s complaints and look for possible solutions that he can provide. Being confident and conveying the thoughts in a more understandable and expressive way helps.

2. Tell us about your software proficiencies?
The job demands the knowledge of some of the common software applications. Your comfort ability with computer and multimedia applications will help you dealing with the services in a more efficient manner. Moreover it is a requirement of several companies to have knowledge of computers.

3. What skills are needed for this profession?
A good attitude towards others and ability to respond in a to the point manner with complete accuracy and properness are the traits that a customer care representative should have. He should maintain a clean and healthy professional relationship with his clients. The representative should understand that he represents a face of the company. Thus he should be well-mannered.

4. How do you initiate your talk with your customer?
Your efficient communication skills are the only means through which you can answer this question the best. You can start your answer by saying that you believe in making healthy professional relationships with your clients. Knowing their name, asking about their concerns and listening to them patiently helps in bonding with them.

These are some of the important interview questions that are asked by an employer. All the Best!

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