Nursing Interview Tips

Nursing Interview Tips
Conduct background research on the nursing employer
Familiarize yourself with the employer before the interview. You want to discover all you can about the target nursing job. The knowledge you gain before you arrive for the interview will give you the confidence and skills to convince the employer that you are the best nursing candidate.

Research the facility/hospital/unit and the nursing job in question. Learn more about their goals and values, their future plans and direction, the organizational structure, the demands of the job, the patient base. Use this information to prepare good answers to the nursing interview questions you can expect and to list some insightful questions to ask in your nursing job interview. If you're interviewing for a hospital job, research its financial status and economic stability. Is there potential for growth? Find out the the reputation of the hospital in the local community and the medical community.

Various methods can be used to conduct this background research. You can simply "Google" the organization and note down relevant information. Ask people you know who have had some interaction with the employer. If possible you should visit the hospital or medical facility before your interview. You can observe for yourself and ask the nurses and health care staff questions about the patients, management and organization. This also gives you a practice run to make sure you know how to get to the employer and how long it will take you before the day of the actual interview.
Bring the correct documentation
When you go to the nursing job interview, take along extra copies of your resume or CV, your complete and typed list of references, your nursing license and qualifications, and any letters of recommendation you have.

Bring your list of prepared questions to ask and a pen and paper to write down any questions that occur to you during the interview.

Prepare good interview answers
You can expect your nursing job interview to explore a number of areas. These include:

* Your training and qualifications
* Your previous work experience
* General nurse interview questions
* The key competencies required for the nursing job
* Your motivation for this nursing job
Have a list of questions prepared to ask the employer
Prepare a list of relevant questions to ask the employer. This will set you apart as both prepared and professional. Avoid questions that can be answered by conducting a little background research on the company. Your questions should be insightful and reinforce your commitment and enthusiasm for a nursing career.
Dress professionally
Choose the appropriate interview clothing. You want to look professional and make an excellent first impression. For a nursing job the safest option is something business-like and formal. As a nurse it is important to portray the image of a trusted and competent professional.

A pantsuit, dress or skirt with jacket teemed with low-heeled closed shoes would be considered appropriate. Make sure all your interview clothes are clean, well-pressed and tidy. Attention to these sort of details are essential for a nursing professional.

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