Keane India Dotnet Interview Questions

Keane India Dotnet Interview Questions
1. Write steps of retrieving data using
2. Call a stored procedure from and pass parameter to it
3. Different type of validation controls in
4. Difference between server.Execute and response.redirect
5. What is Response.Flush method
6. How Response.flush works in server.Execute
7. What is the need of client side and server side validation
8. Tell About Global.asax
9. What is application variable and when it is initialized
10. Tell About Web.config
11. Can we write one page in c# and other in vb in one application
12. When web.config is called
13. How many web.config a application can have
14. How do you set language in web.cofig

Database interview questions
15. How do you rate yourself in oracle and sql server
16. What is E-R diagram
17. Draw E-R diagram for many to many relationship
18. Design database raw er diagram for a certain scenario(many author many books)
19. Diff between primary key and unique key
20. What is Normalization
21. Difference between sub query and nested query
22. Indexes in oracle
23. Query to retrieve record for a many to many relationship
24. Query to get max and second max in oracle in one query
25. Write a simple Store procedure and pass parameter to it

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