Thyristors Interview Questions :Electrical engineering jobs interview

Thyristors Interview Questions
What is a thyristor? Which is the most popular thristor?
What are the different modes of operation of a thyristor. VI Characterisitcs
What is its circuit symbol. Switching Characteristics of Thyristor.
What is SCR, Draw its VI & Switching Characteristics
How to turn on a thyristor? What are the various conditions to do so?
Effect of gate current on forward breakover voltage of SCR
How to turn on a SCR and what are the various conditions to do so?
What are Turn off and Turn on times of SCR.
Harddriving for Thyristor, its Gate Characteristics & Ratings.
How is gate voltage & gate current affected by increase in temperature of thyristor?
Draw two transistor model of a thyristor.
Difference between thyristor & transistor.
What are RMS Current Ratings of SCR, Anode Voltage Ratings.
Importance of di/dt and dv/dt in thyristor?
Effect of internal and external over voltages on Thyristors.
How can we protect an SCR from over currents?
Draw heat sink design for Thyristors.
What is LASER? Write its Applications & Advantages over thyristors?
What is GTO? What is its circuit symbol, VI Characteristics, Turn on and Turn off Processes.
Difference or Comparison of GTO With a conventional thyristor
What are firing circuits for Thyristors & SCR?
Firing Circuit for UJT
Explain Synchronized UJT Oscillator, its working, amplitude and circuit.
Draw UJT Trigger Circuit using a zener diode and its Voltage & Current Waveforms.
Function of Pulse transformer in SCR & GTO.
Draw Gate Trigger Circuit for single phase full converter
Difference between Pulse train gating and pulse gating
Explain the cosine firing scheme for triggering of thyristors

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