Microsoft Interview Sqlserver Questions

Microsoft Interview Sqlserver Questions
1) what are the new features in SqlServer 2008 ?
2) what is the purpose of MERGE in SqlServer 2008?
why do we need ?
3) How many tables can we create in single database ?
Can we create 1 lakh tables in a single database ?
4) How many columns can we create in a single table ?
Can we insert data which having datatype varchar(8000) for each column ?
5) Where can we get total rowcount ?
6) Insert a query by using single quote .
Suppose Employee is a table, Ename is column.
How you will insert Jagan's Interview in Ename column
7) Brief description of Delete & Truncate
8) What is the use of identity ?
for suppose total 10 rows are in a table
Identity is (1,1) and i deleted all rows by using Delete statement
if i inserted 11th row in a table. What will be the identity value
if i truncated all rows and if i inserted 11th row in a table.
What will be the identity value (give me brief explanation)
9) Can we drop Clustered index without dropping a primary key.
Can we created Clustered index in another column. what Clustered index will do
10) I want to delete a record and i want to insert that record in another table.
Write a query in a single statement.
Ans) need answer
11) what is Unit testing and integrated testing ?
if i'm modifying a column datatype varchar(100) to varchar(50) in database.
Now the application is in production ? Are you will do Unit testing or Integrating testing.
Is it will effect to application ? did we need to check the validation ?
12) Have you worked on DTS package ?
13) Have you worked on SSIS ?

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