Bluetooth interview question and answers

Bluetooth interview question and answers
  1. Why is Bluetooth called a cable replacement technology? -
    Bluetooth technology allows the creation of Personal Area Networks without cables or wires that are usual in home networks.
  2. Give a generic description of Bluetooth? -
    Bluetooth is a low-cost, short-range (RF) links between mobile PCs, mobile phones and other portable devices. Bluetooth can transmit through solid, non-metal objects.
  3. Why can Bluetooth equipment integrate easily in TCP/IP network? - Because Bluetooth uses wireless LAN standards IEEE for data transmission.
  4. Is it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth hubs? -
    No, only one hub can be used at a time with a computer. USB or Serial devices can be added.
  5. What is Piconet? -
    A collection of devices connected through Bluetooth technology in an ad hoc fashion.
  6. What are the three main types of connection used by Bluetooth? -
    Single slave, Master slave, Scatternet .
  7. What is FEC in Bluetooth? -
    Forward Error Correction is a method by which Bluetooth increases its noise immunity. FEC is a method that enables a receiver to not only detect, but also correct errors in a transmission.
  8. Which method is primarily used for Voice transfer? -
    Synchronous Connection Oriented (SCO) is a method primarily used for Voice transfer.
  9. Which Bluetooth version uses adaptive frequency hopping? Why? -
    In Version 1.2 Adaptive frequency hopping method is used, which improves resistance to radio interference, and provides higher transmission speed.
  10. How many SCO links are there in a piconet? -
    In a piconet, there can be up to three SCO links of 64,000 bits per second each.
  11. what is the total number of masters and slaves in a piconet? -
    1 Master and 7 Slaves.
  12. Which method is used for Data transfer? -
    Asynchronous Connectionless (ACL) is Data transfer method in Bluetooth

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