ISoft interview questions Testing

ISoft interview questions Testing
  1. Tell something abut your experience (Not about yourself :) they want only your exp details)
  2. Why do we need to Test software’s?
  3. Manual or Automation which is best? and what is the difference between them?
  4. QTP stands for?
  5. What is difference between Local and Shared object repositories?
  6. Extensions for Local and Shared object repositories?
  7. If i want you to test an Application with in 1 day, how do you approach the testing?
  8. Is that possible to use black box testing techniques in early stage of testing?
  9. Keyboard shortcut to Run a test in QTP?
  10. What is Synchronization Point in QTP?
  11. What is the difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy?
  12. Which kind of role you will be able to play in the team?

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