1. How do you call SAP script in reports & reports in SAP script?
  2. What is different between SAP script & reports?
  3. What is stack?
  4. What is the defination of ALE RFC?
  5. Why is BAPI required? How about BDC?
  6. What happens if I use control break statement in between select & endselect?
  7. What is lock Object
  8. SAP Versions
  9. SAP Platforms
  10. SAP Processes
  11. SAP Modules
  12. SAP Table Name Standard
  13. SAP Vendors
  14. SAP Certification
  15. What is SQL Trace, how would you carry out performance analysis of ABAP code using SQL Trace? Give the steps?
  16. What are the transactions we should use in BDC? How do we use it?
  17. How would you use BDC program to transfer material master record using MM01 transaction? Give me steps.
  18. Could we use ME21N transaction, and XK01 transaction, either which one of the transaction, or could we use both the transactions for creating purchase information.
  19. What is the name of the standard report that gives the deatails of Customer and sales amount?
  20. How can we use XD02 transaction to change the customer data for updating KNA1 table? Give the steps.
  21. How the transaction ME21N is used for to upload the purchase order in BDC?
  22. How many transaction we can used in BDC at a time?
  23. How the data get updated in BDC using transaction.
  24. Why BAPI need then BDC?
  25. What happen if I use controll break statement in between select & endselect?
  26. What is lock Object?
  27. Select option works like _____________ on Selection Screen?
  28. Which sysgtem variable have current value during execution?
  29. What is the main point while using controll bareak in internal table?
  30. Waht is Field sysmbol?
  31. Smartform uses wisely then selection screen, why?
  32. Which one is not an exit comand? (Exit, cencle, stop, back)
  33. Which component gives you better visibility? (pritty Printer)
  34. Explain about roll area, Dispatcher, ABAP-Processor.
  35. What is the final entry in BDC Table?
  36. How can I get output on same page?
  37. Why is Transaction Varient needed?
  38. If I have table control, what is the same code in PBO and PAI?
  39. Who takes care of passing the data to the application server?

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