50 Android Interview Faqs

50 Android Interview Questions Faqs
  1. what is Android ?
  2. What is intent?
  3. Is 3G working?
  4. What is an adb?
  5. What is an action?
  6. What is a resource?
  7. Why to use Android?
  8. What is sticky intent?
  9. Why isn’t GPS working?
  10. Is SIM PIN Code working?
  11. What features are in a release?
  12. What is the Android G1 Phone?
  13. I can’t wake up my device, why?
  14. Where can I download a release?
  15. What are the features of Android?
  16. Is the Headphone Socket working?
  17. What is the Open Handset Alliance?
  18. When will it be available in a ROM?
  19. How do I create a new home screen?
  20. What are the advantages of Android?
  21. How do I turn off, or reboot Android?
  22. Does android support jar applications?
  23. How long does it take to build an app?
  24. My SD Card doesn’t seem to work, why?
  25. Explain about the exceptions of Android?
  26. My battery doesn’t seem to last long, why?
  27. Why is open platform good for developers?
  28. Describe Android Application Architecture?
  29. How to Remove Desktop icons and Widgets?
  30. Are the Android releases available in a ROM?
  31. Can you upgrade garminefone to android 2.2?
  32. Explain IP datagram, Fragmentation and MTU?
  33. How much revenue share does the developer get?
  34. Are the Android apps first scrutinized by Google?
  35. How do I delete my personal data from my phone?
  36. What is the TTL (Time to Live)? Why is it required?
  37. Why is open platform good for the mobile operators?
  38. What innovations the OHA members strive to achieve?
  39. What is the Mobile Application development all about?
  40. Describe a real time scenario where android can be used?
  41. How is nine-patch image different from a regular bitmap?
  42. I keep hearing ‘popping/clicking’ sounds from the speaker?
  43. Which is the Virtual Machine used to run the Android apps?
  44. What are the differences between a domain and a workgroup?
  45. What’s the difference between file, class and activity in android?
  46. Why is List View not recommended to have active components?
  47. What are the dialog boxes that are supported in android? Explain.
  48. What language does Android support for application development?
  49. What is needed to make a multiple choice list with a custom view for each row?
  50. How will you record a phone call in Android? How to get a handle on Audio Stream for a call in Android?

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