Convergys Core Java Interview Questions

Convergys Core Java Interview Questions

1) What are the oops concepts and explain them?

2) They can given some programs on Overloading concepts with Exceptions?

3) Difference between Interface and Abstract Class?

4) Which version of java we are using? and what are the features in 1.5 version and explain them?

5) what is Cloning? why we are using Cloning concept? and How many types of cloning?

6) What is Exception? Difference between Exception and Error?

7) How many types of Exceptions and explain and given some examples?

8) How we will handle Exceptions?

9) How to write Customized Exceptions?

10) They are given some programs on Try, Catch and Finally?

11) Explain about Thread life cycle?

12) What is Difference between Sleep and Wait methods?

13) What is the Difference between Notify and NotifyAll methods?

14) What is Yield method?

15) What is Synchronization?

16) can you draw the Collection Hierarchy?

17) What is Difference between list and Set?

18) What is Difference between ArrayList and Vector?

19) How we can sort the elements in HashSet?

20) What is Difference between Comparable and Comparator?

21) What is Difference between Hashmap and HashTable?

22) How we can Synchronize List and set?

23) When we use Enumeration, Iterator and ListIterator?

24) What is the difference String and StringBuffer and StringBuilder?

25) what are the methods are available in Object Class?

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