PersonalTrainer Interview Questions

PersonalTrainer Interview Questions

A personal trainer can work either for a fitness center or for an institution or in any college. They can engage in different activities like organizing groups for the training or on individual basis. Those who work independently are more benefited as they can work according to their schedule and there are no issues at all. While those who are working in an institute or training center have to follow strict schedules that are achieved within the time limits. A personal trainer has to be knowledgeable, skillful and tactful to deal with all the different kinds of activities. The training sessions include the aerobic training and strength training. It is the duty of a trainer to accomplish the goals and help the clients to remain fit and healthy.

Therefore in order to clear the interview it is necessary to make yourself familiar with the different types of questions that area asked in the interview. A few of them together with their answers is given to help you.

1. Why Did You Choose A Career In Personal Fitness Training?
Those who have the passion for fitness and want the others to remain fit usually choose this field. It is because they have interest in this particular field and also wish to spread their talent among the other people. They also work to reduce weight and help in getting slimmer and healthier body.

2. Do You Have Liability Insurance?
It is important that all the customers are provided with insurance so that they are protected against suffering from any injuries or accidents. Therefore all they should be provided with insurance plans that are very beneficial when working out activities.

3. Are You Certified In CPR And First Aid?
All the personal fitness trainers must be equipped with the different types of situations that can arise when you are carrying out your exercises. If in case a situation arises when you need to provide one you should be able to handle it. Therefore cortication is equally important.

4. What Is The Full Cost Per Session And Are There Any Package Deals?

Most of the experienced trainers who are very knowledgably and experienced charge the students on hourly basis. These can range from $20 to $85. So you need to be clear about the duration of time that will be given per day. Thus the monthly charges can easily be calculated.

Hope these questions will really prove beneficial to you and guide you to achieve success.

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