Field Technician Interview Questions

Field Technician Interview Questions

    A technician is a person who is needed for various different jobs and functions. These days in every field a technician is required. There are computer technicians, PC technicians, Broadcast Technician, Engineering Technician, Accounting technicians, Maintenance Technicians and various other technicians that can really help you in solving all your problems. Technicians are responsible for solving troubleshooting problems and for giving technical support to specialists.

    It is a very important for a technician to be very well versed in their field. In this article, I would mainly like to tell you about some common questions that are asked in a job interview.

    1. How would you describe yourself?
    This is the most basic question that is asked in almost every interview. While answering this question, you must be very confident and attentive. Tell them about your college degree, your past experiences, your past jobs and training. If you want you can also highlight your special qualities that would help you to complete the given task with utmost determination and care.

    2. Tell us something more about your skills, qualifications and knowledge?
    This question gives you the opportunity to fully describe your past experience and skills. As a technician you can tell the interviewer about your multitasking, interpersonal and management skills. You can also elaborate about your knowledge about functions, structure, maintenance and tools.

    3. Out of all the candidates that we have interviewed, why should we choose you only?
    Out of all the candidates that you have interviewed you should select me because I have an extensive experience in this field. I can work under pressurized environments and I possess great technical, managerial, interpersonal skills that would prove to be highly beneficial for your esteemed organization. I also have full knowledge about all the tools that are used for performing various technical tasks.

    4. Why do you wish to leave your current job?
    I wish to leave my current job because I want to work in a well organized company where there is a scope for by professional growth. Working in your esteemed company would surely provide me job stability and experience that would prove to be very beneficial for my future.

    5. Tell us something about your strengths and weaknesses?
    My willingness to work, analytical qualities, team spirit and multitasking skills are my greatest strengths. My only weakness is that sometimes it is very difficult for me to work under great pressure.

    Well these are some very important technician interview questions that you must surely prepare before giving the interview.

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