TechnicalManager Interview Questions

Technical Manager Interview Questions

In order to gain the post of a technology manager it is highly essential for you to possess excellent management and managerial skills. They are in charge of various responsibilities and tasks which need supervision and excellent knowledge. The manager should know about network operations and troubleshooting problems, monitoring and solving installation problems.

Before going for the interview, there are certain questions that you need to prepare in advance. In this article, I would mainly like to tell you about the certain questions that are frequently asked in a technology manager interview.

1.Can you tell us about your professional qualities that would help are organization?
In order to excel in any field it is highly essential for an individual to possess excellent communication, leadership and managerial skills. I can look after internal as well as external operations of the firm with great care and understanding. I am a team oriented person that is why motivating and encouraging my subordinates is always my top priority. I have an extensive experience in providing technical assistance to the people who need it.

2.How do you reward innovation, excellence, initiative and teamwork?
As a team person I have always believed in encouraging and rewarding the people who have excelled in their field. The company should provide incentives to hard workers so that they are motivated and encouraged to work according to their full potential. Each team member’s contribution should be appreciated as well as acknowledged.

3.Summarize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the financial position of the company as you understand them?
There are various elements that play a major role in the financial stability of a company. In order to meet all the requirements the company should always be prepared to deal with its financial crisis. As the technology manager of a firm I would try my level best to understand the problems and would also try to find the best solutions for the betterment and the benefit of the organization.

4.Tell us something about the technology management techniques that you have used in your previous jobs?
In my previous position as a technology manager, I had developed coding standards which were communicated to the subordinates and all the other members of the team. I have an extensive experience of managing large number of teams with great efficiency and minimum efforts.

The interviewer might ask you various different questions but the above stated are some of the questions which are most frequently during technology job interview.

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