Physicslab Sonometer Viva Questions

Physicslab Sonometer Viva Questions
01. What is the principle involved in Sonometer experiment?
Ans: Resonance
02. Which type of waves are produced in Sonometer experiment?
Ans: Stationary Transverse waves
03. What are transverse waves?
Ans: If the vibrations of the particles are perpendicular to the propagation of the wave, those waves are said to be transverse waves.
04. Which type of transformer is used in sonometer experiment and what is it?
Ans: Step down transformer. It is a device, which converts high voltage currents to low voltage currents.
05. What is resonance?
Ans: If the applied frequency is equal to the natural frequency of a vibrating body then the body vibrates with maximum amplitude.
06. Why horseshoe magnet is used in sonometer experiment?
07. Why the current in ammeter sets as 1amp?
Ans: If you keep more current heat is generated and if we keep less than 1amp the wire vibrates with less amplitude.
08. What is the use of rheostat?
Ans: It is a variable resistance.
09. What is the frequency of a.c mains in INDIA?
Ans: 50 Hz.
10. What is the frequency of DC?
Ans: Zero

11. Why the sonometer box contains holes?

12. What are the differences between free vibrations and forced vibrations?

13. What is meant by linear density?

14. What is frequency?


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